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Portrait von Dino Wurtinger

Dino Wurtinger is a german guitar player and instructor. He teaches guitar on the KU University in South Germany. He released 4 Album production with recognized german Jazzmusicians. He wrote also a valued book about playing and learning Jazzguitar. On this site you can get information about Dino’s work, purchase great online learning material and you can book Skype Lessons with Dino as well. 


  • teacher for guitar at the university Eichstätt
  • graduated college of music in Osnabrück under Prof. Frank Wingold, Joachim Schönecker, Philipp van Endert and Andreas Wahl
  • founded Dino’s music school
  • Masterclasses by Philipp Catherine, Lionel Loueke, Bret Willmott, Dave Liebman, Christian Mc Bride and Dean Brown
  • Lessons by Yotam Silberstein, Frank Wingold, Joachim Schönecker, Philipp van Endert, Andreas Wahl and more


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